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Featured Article

Save a text file in Unix dos style or unix style


I've got a DOS style text file on my Linux box, when I open it in vi and save it, vi reports 'saved (dos)'. How can I make vi save it in unix style?


VI automatically detects the format of a text file (DOS, Unix, Mac) and it tells that at the command line. To change the format use the :set fileformat= command and write the file then as shown below. If you have multiple control-Ms at the end of a line that you want to be removed, try the search and replace command (see below).

// Change from <CR><LF> (DOS) to just <LF> (Unix):
 :set fileformat=unix 
 // change back to Carriage Return + Line Feed for DOS
 :set fileformat=dos 
 // writing for apple computers:
 :set fileformat=mac 
 // remove multiple (repeated) Carriage Returns using search and replace	

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