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Featured Article

Reduce spam - display your email address as a graphic


If I create a new email account, I get no spam for a while until I start using this email address. Once I posted my email address in a forum, I'll start getting spam.


The reason is that there are tools out there - so called 'email harvesters' - that automatically scan web pages for email addresses. A workaround is to display your email as a graphic.
The downside is that the graphic will not be a clickable link. So the reader of the web page, if they want to email you, will have to manually type in the email address. Of course there is the possibility to make the image a clickable link, but once you do that, the email address will be visible to the harvester software as part of the mailto: link.

Here is a handy web site that offers to generate a graphic from an email address. For some reason they decided only to support known ISPs/ email providers and the graphic contains the corporate logo/ colors/ style.

My yahoo email address is:

A Google email address would be displayed this way:

You may want to add this graphic in your email signature. For instructions how to do that, read here:

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