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How to submit a new scammer profile


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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.

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2009-01-25, 15:56:41
anonymous from Turkey  
2009-01-25, 20:45:46
anonymous from Clearwater, United States  
I was just had an attempted scam from 'Tony Brown' whom I met on He was using a story today about losing internet connection ( and not being able to chat with me anymore. The bill was $430USD and I was to send it to: Muriose Pedro , 25 Allen Ave, Lagos Nigeria. Tony is supposedly a construction business owner doing a project there til Feb, but his project gets paid at the completion so he needed money today. When I questioned why money was to be sent to a person, he replied it was the manager of his account and he had to be paid. I 'promised' him $50. Went to Goggle this 'Muriose Pedro' and found a website devoted to him. I gave 'Tony' an incorrect reference confirmation number I found on the James Pruitt website and waited to see what would happen.

'Tony' came on the chat with a new address saying he was hacked into and was so 'confused' as to why I was accusing him of being a scammer.

I have reported him to, but I think he is on there as someone else as well. A very popular picture I keep seeing on different of an Oscar Smith is floating out there in

2009-01-31, 13:28:35 from Netherlands  
I've been chatting with someone named Flora Pattrick.
She said she from Den Haag.She's in Nigeria for a payoff, but she can't come back.
Is she a scammer?
2009-01-31, 19:43:16
Most likely it is a scammer? Why do you suspect?

What is her e-mail address? is it
2009-02-01, 03:36:56 from Netherlands  
It is
She said she's in Nigeria, but her mails have -0800 in it.
She contacted me through Kriebello, also she asked me for money through Western Union.
When I asked for a photo with newspaper, she makes up all sort of excuses
2009-02-08, 10:20:50
anonymous from United States  
2009-02-08, 13:01:54
from Netherlands  
this is a welknown. scammer.. she(he) was so stupid.. sent me photo you see here.. but also from raven riley. email adrees is:
yes from ghana/nigeria !!!!!!!

2009-02-08, 14:28:32
anonymous from United States  
Hello anonymous from the US Please get over being in Love.
You are being scammed the photo You posted is of Raven Riley a porn star.
There are hundreds of her pictures posted on this site. The photo is stolen.
Please do not send money and also if you confront the scammer that the photo
as being fake be prepared to be lied to again. They will tell you anything to keep
you hooked. Just cut off everything there is no sense in trying to talk to them.
Do not tell them about this site. But beware they already know about it and will
say your being lied to. Try entering the photo on picture search on here.
Just go to the top of this page and select dating scams when that page opens
in the center of the page near the the top find in blue print picture search.
Enter your picture it will show you all uses of that photo on this site. Plus all the names
it has been used under. Let me guess your talking to someone from Accra Ghana,
or Nigeria ? If so You are talking to a guy most likely. There are no White woman in
either country on line. I will post a photo of Raven so you can see your not the only
one scammed by some ass hole using her pictures. Look all over this site you will
learn alot. Good luck I hope You haven't lost money. \\'^o^'//
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)

Keywords: Raven Riley star Xlive on the window live or skype or paltalk t
2009-02-19, 05:32:50   (updated: 2009-02-19, 05:40:29)
anonymous from Brazil  
Recebi ate o cadastro que ela diz ter feito em uma agencia para pode vim ao Brasil me visitar. Abaixo segue a foto dela, nome Liliya Pavlova e-mail:
This image was also posted here:

2009-02-19, 05:38:37
anonymous from Brazil  
Olá Pessoal!

Tenho cadastro do ParPerfeito e recebi dois e-mails GOLD de duas garotas RUSSAS, uma se chama, Nadyska e-mail: e uma outra que lendo este site vi as fotos dela, Liliya Pavlova e-mail:
Tenho certaze que é Scammer

2009-02-23, 09:26:09   (updated: 2009-02-23, 09:49:29)
anonymous from Germany  

i think she is a spamer ........ !!!!!!

She has profil by care2 : grace1ubar

1.Mail of Grace U. over care2 to me :

hello my dear.
i saw your latter and i become intrested in you.
so i will be glad to have you as my friend.
and here is my mail
i will like you to send me your so that i can give you my foto.
for you to whom i am.

thanks yours grace

2. Mail



My Dearest

How are you today?
i am very happy to your responded to the email i sent to you in your address at the site.I am Miss Grace Ubar. Age 23. ft 5/6. wt 59 .i am the only daughter of Late Dr Patrick Ubar from Ivory Coast in west Africa, who died during the war in my country last two years (2003). My father was the personal adviser to our former head of state .(LATE GEN ROBERT GUEI) he is the owner of Ubar Cocoa industries(LTD) before he was assasinated along side with my mother on a cold blood one morning. But i managed to escape for my dear life and ran into a neighbouring country,(Dakar) the capital of (Senegal) and i am reciding there now as a the refugee camp. Meanwhile,I am writting to you now in at Revrend's computer and will like to know you more before we move forward from here!

thanks yours

2009-02-24, 22:15:05
anonymous from United States  
Here is a scammer, email, from Russia.

2009-02-27, 03:24:35
That girl is really very abusive I lived with her a romantic love story that ended by her urgent request for money to buy a plane ticket, pay her hotel in Nigeria and buy food to eat... she always refused to chat voice via the net... which seems to be a man chatting may be..
She named herself Elora but did a mistake with me by sending me through another name totally different seem she has a lot of clients on line.

2009-03-08, 18:48:24   (updated: 2009-03-08, 18:53:10)
OJAS from United States  
Reporting guidelines:
Please read the following articles:
Headers listing for several e-mail programs are in
The same article shows how to extract sender IP and these fields for posting
Logon to paste sender IP and get the output
URLs using scammer IP http://www.delphifa..38#132634
Skeet's articles http://www.delphifa..=2#100298
Patronym, other names http://www.delphifa..=36#49530

• Scammer e-mail address [important]
• X-Mailer [or X-Y Mailer]
• Sender IP
• Links obtained by using scammer IP, as above in the URLs
• Name [with surname if possible, and all other names as above]
• Location [country,city,street, postal / zip code]
• Phone number(s) [if given]
• A photo [if he sends, preferably labeled with the name and e-mail address, to avoid confusion; When starting a new thread, use the maximum exposed face as the first, then descending order of exposed facial surface area]
• Introductory mail scammer sends within the dating site
• The dating site the scammer contacted you on
• Copy of scammer dating profile + all photos [before scammer soon deletes them]
• The first e-mail scammer sends
• The pre-money letter [This is the warm-up, sob story to soften you up, immediately before the money letter]
• The money letter [If you do not voluntarily surrender your wallet at the pre-M stage, you receive price tag for his love]
2009-03-21, 21:27:27
anonymous from United States  
anyone know her

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