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Dating scammer James Ramos


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Name: James Ramos



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Had been talking to 'James Ramos' for about a week did not know about scams and then asked me to send $1500 to Achimota
Ghana to so this diplomat could bring all his worldly possesions to me from Iraq to look after until he arrived home in August. I emailed the diplomat and he sent me an address which I googled and it brought me to your site. I then emailed 'James Ramos' who was also supposed to Western Union $1500 to this person told him I suspected this to be a scam and have not heard from since. I have since researched James Ramos who does exist in the States and believe he is the victim of identity theft however am not sure where to take it from there. I also have had five other conversations with people on all male four of which are US Army who as soon as I mention scam and what happened they disappear. Is this common?

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2011-12-17, 05:21:01   (updated: 2011-12-17, 05:26:21)
[hidden] from United States  
Here is another name to watch out for: Masson Cole, a true dumb scammer. He gave away his scam connections from Ghana to New York. All on facebook. I have yet contacted fBI
he wanted to get me involved in black money. He wanted my home address, then he wanted me to send him 3,000.
2011-12-17, 15:07:22
kandrar from United States  
I was scammed by someone using these pictures, He used the name Michael C Ramos, and Said he was in Afghanistan, widowed with a 15yr old daughter, Monica in Greece with his Mom. Unfortunitaly, I fell for his lies of love and wanted to come to be with me. The money is a great loss, but the loss of my heart was greater. Ladies beware, this scammer is skilled in his romantic ways and words.
2011-12-17, 20:21:24
anonymous from United States  
My friend was befriended by a Jeff Ramos and he told her, after several months of talking to her on the internet that he wanted to come home from Kabul to her but that he was detained because of an IED investigation in Kabul. He then asked her to send him $4,000 so he could buy her some really good jewelry being sold in Kabul that would multiplyin price in America. She sent him the money like a fool and she has not heard from him except that he has been endlessly delayed by the Army in Kabul.
2011-12-22, 07:57:57
Prcspp from Canada  
I was in Contact with this man until yesterday with the same pictures, he called himself Jay Blanston Ramos, just retired from the military and trying to ship some stuff home from Iraq. He hadn't gotten any monies from me yet, but it was close, had a friend not told me that someone else had the same picture and roughly the same story. I just contacted my local paper asking them to write an article with pictures, as the pictures are the only way I found out/caught him. Beware ladies he is smooth
2011-12-22, 09:54:51
anonymous from Germany  
Hy Ladys !
if somebody need more picture about this GUY...go to Google...give .. U.S soldier scam Aaron have to go to page Romancescam,you will be abel to find about him 22 pages inkluding storis,names e-mails and planty picture is all his pfotoalbum there.I dont believe that sombody stiel all the pfotots....
I am so sory ,that I didnt know about this kind of scam online info.....
there is posibilitie to comlein about it .......CID -US Army criminal investigaton command.

IC3 website:internetcomplaint centar:UNS secretservice
2011-12-22, 17:27:01
what you guys are saying are lies, this man is not scammer
2011-12-30, 09:24:46
I am Actually talking to this Scammer using Aaron Ramos pictures right now,goes by the name James Ramos. I knew about the Scammer,after 2 weeks of speaking with him.And have been talking to the Scammer for about 7 months now.. same pics I have too of Aaron Ramos.I have an address and fone number he gave me,he told me he knows he can trust me.pls feel free to contact me any time. And Aaron Ramos may god defend you on this,and bring the devil to the surface,keep Jesus with you always.And god bless all the troops,including our very own Diggers.
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Dating scammer James Ramos
Dating scammer James Ramos

2012-01-14, 16:26:09
anonymous from Waynesville, United States  
This man that calls himself James Ramos is big scammer......Talk to him for 7 months & listened to all his BS....Stay away from him.......
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer James Ramos

2012-01-14, 16:31:48
anonymous from United States  
another picture of James Ramos-scammer

2012-01-19, 14:51:57   (updated: 2012-01-19, 14:53:01)
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for all those helpful comments.... I've been apparently chatting with a 'Bill or Henry Newton' stationed in Nigeria - I have been scammed by 1 man already and since then have learnt my lesson that a second one didn't succeed!!!
This Bill or Henry Newton sent me pics of himself - yet his shirt say's RAMOS - and it's the same pictures posted above!!! I have only been chatting with him for a few days - well aware on how skeptical I am. I've also done research now that he has since sent me an email - His IP address is located in Germany.
I connected with him on LavaLife as well as 1 other Henry Wills - or Henry Williams. Claims he is divorced with an adopted daughter. He's a business man - import/export of cars and lives in Arberdeen Washington. Yet when I search his IP address it's located in Dallas Texas. The week he was apparently going to come out to visit he was arrested in Ghana for smuggling gold and knew nothing of it. I told him best of luck and walked away - didn't hear anything more.
Another man to watch for is Mike James Tibson - which I met on He apparently is a single father - wife and daughter died in a car crash - and that is the story a lot of scam artists used. I have actually had the story twice since by 2 other men. He apparently is stuck now in Ghana because he owes money and can't get out. I refused to give him the money and walked away.
If anyone is skeptical - go onto the US Consulate Ghana website - there is a page just for scammers - good helpful tips. Tells you how to know if they are being real or not - just by there spelling and grammar - also tells you how to trace their IP addresses.
I hope any of my tips helps anyone out there. I'm going to stick to local gentlemen from now on :)

**From Canada**
2012-01-19, 16:13:52
OJAS from United States  
Scammers use stolen pix|dating
2012-01-27, 15:45:05
Hi My Name is Lori. I am Talking to a AAron Ramos Smith Now. He Tried to get $ 575.00 out of me. All the same lies. Wants to marrie. I cant believe what i am reading. I would love for you to put somethig on my computer to nail him. Im playing him. Please help. My E-Mail His is I hope you can nail him. I think he is u
sing my pics. I sent some nice pictures of me. I hope not. He will do the same to men. Thank you. lori frazo Baldwinsville N.y 13027
2012-01-28, 04:27:45
yes thay are will use ,the picture to play with man ....
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Dating scammer James Ramos

2012-01-28, 17:15:33
chrissietay from United Kingdom  
2012-01-29, 22:19:23
anonymous from United States  
this man is very dangerous and very conniving.he claims to be a soldier but has stolen identity.he calls himself mark england. geg england.morrison wake thomas mendes jack wilson..they are all fakes the real soldier is married and is mark england
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Dating scammer Michael Smith
Dating scammer John Williams
Dating scammer Mike Bruce

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