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Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale


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Name: Lawrence David Dale


UK, Australia, Alaska

Other Comments:
His name is Lawrence David Dale and I met him on According to him, his birthday is October 18, 1962. He began texting through 2 phone numbers. 1-856-513-2937 & 301-200-0022. Email addresses, Prior to this, I have not heard from him for several weeks and quite suspiciously he stopped texting me when I told him about another scammer that I had met on On January 28, 2013, he starts texting me again saying that he did not receive any of my texts since he was in the UK. He says that he is a Pipeline engineer with a graduate degree in Marine Metallurgical Engineering. He went to Melbourne, Australia for undergraduate school and his second degree was from Dublin Ireland but later he told me it was from Oxford in the UK. Later changed the story to that he went to Junior High in Dublin Ireland and college at the University College of Dublin, UK. First he tells me that he has lived in Maryland for about 2 months in Ellicott City. Later I asked him about this and he told me that he worked in Texas for 9 months and was staying at the Tremont hotel at St Paul Street in Baltimore. He never really rented or bought his own house here in the states and work brought him to the Maryland because that was the location of the presentation for the job was held. He said that he maintained the BP oil rig in Alaska for 5 months when he first came to the states.
He signed up for Match while living in Ellicott City when he lost the contract. He tells me that he is originally from Australia and moved to the UK after his brother moved there. He has worked in Africa, Italy, Holland (Shell Petroleum for 8 years and stationed in Holland for 3 years) before the UK. He is working in the US on a work visa and has 3 years left on it and says that he has a friend with British Petroleum who can give him an extension. He gets a job in Alaska on Endicott Island for Exxon, leaving on February 1, 2013. As we talk there are more inconsistencies with multiple people (accountant, niece, pick up people) involved but many actually all be him. Especially true for the accountant since I am talking to him and he tells me the accountant sent me an email and I didn’t receive an email and all of a sudden the email shows up.
Also, says he has a brother who died several months ago and send a picture of himself with his brother. Also, says that he cannot access internet so asks you to access his account to send money for supplies. the account is fake. He also says he has a niece, Jenny, who wants to talk with you.
Her email is

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2016-11-11, 23:08:58
anonymous from Australia  
2016-11-12, 09:54:58
Dude looks like the FREAK that he is in this pic. Of course, not the correct pic of the scammer. INTERPOL KNOWS HIS EXACT IDENTIFICATION.......... FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-12-03, 16:23:27
anonymous from Australia  
Hi ladies yes lucas Wagner is his name now lol half german/spanish mech engineer working in KL at the moment will be back in a week, has a daughter 18yrs old lives with her mum in sydeny he lives in lonsdale st melb drives a BMW sereies 5 ... his wife cheated on him with his best friend, he has pearcing blue eyes sends heaps of photos of himself..
he wants a relationship, but soon as you doubt him he throws the trust card if there is no trust there is no point lol
i didnt send him copies of is scamming from girls he has obviously scammed before me, and the story was excactly same wife cheated daughter 18 lives in lonsdale st melb mech engineer he tells you he loves you within the week says he misses you, he will call you baby . love his morning txt will say take care of you !!blah blah his replay was if no trust then whats the point.... and he stopped texting funny as he was supposed to arrive next sat and meet me .... fucken prick
beware ladies
2016-12-03, 18:39:27
anonymous from Australia  
He sent me same pic and other pics
2016-12-06, 05:26:37   (updated: 2016-12-06, 05:37:33)
anonymous from Australia  
I'm so sad, he has done the same to me, he is now going by the name Lucas Wagner, same story, half German/Spanish, both parents passed. He is a mechanical engineer flying to KL, ment to meet him this Saturday. His sister is in London however told me he has a 18 y.o. daughter, Olivia, living with her mum in Sydney. Everything else is the same as everyone has written, his Tinder profile is now deleted when I confronted him a week ago, however I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but my instinct was right according to you ladies. I have the same pics from KL and others, his pic is different now and he sent me so many and also his itinerary from chepoair, what is he trying to achieve???? Never asked me for money as I confronted him a week ago about people like that on here, as alarm bells rang, stupidly for me I kept in contact.

I just confronted him on Whats app, blocked me as soon as he read the messages. He is so good, the poor guy above, I have around 15 pics of him.

LUCAS WAGNER - lives Lonsdale st, Melbourne, even spoke to me on the phone twice however his accent didn't match is face, sounded more African American accent, I told him this, I have many other pics if anyone needs them for further investigation.

2017-03-11, 02:45:25   (updated: 2017-03-11, 02:46:44)
anonymous from Coogee, Australia  
Hi Ladies
I've been in contact with Lucas Werber since October 2016. Sadly, I didn't think about googling his phone number until a couple of weeks ago when I found this site however he has scammed me out of around A$50k. I have confronted him about what I have found out, he hasn't cut me off what's app or fb, he did get very aggressive and is questioning how I could question him after everything we've been through.... him being robbed, having to pay unbelievable taxes which he didn't expect, govt fees - also unexpected, then when he was about to board a plane and come home after 5 months he was detained by Malaysian customs because he hadn't renewed his visa and not only was he not allowed to leave the country but he also had to pay more taxes.
The same story as the above - Mechanical Engineer, lives in Sydney, 129 Harrington St, The Rocks. Daughter Olivia, 19, lives in Newcastle with her mum, attends Uni of NSW, studies Accounting, lives on campus during term. He keeps telling me that I'll get my money back. A few of his facts don't add up and while he's very 'chatty' on text, our conversations are very short. He's told me that someone has stolen his identity and that he has nothing to do with this. I would love to believe him, my heart wants to, my head cant. The picture above is one I have also, I probably 50 more, he has a library of them. I know I shouldn't take this personally as the person I'm looking at is more than likely not the man I'm talking to but this has devastated me. I'm not a healthy woman, having fought illnesses my whole life, that money was enough for me to live on for a year and I'm so angry with myself for being so naive. Be vigilant.

2017-04-18, 16:46:47
He is also using ernest mcdonald and trying to get money sent for a fine
2017-04-23, 20:48:32   (updated: 2017-04-23, 20:51:34)
anonymous from North Chicago, United States  
I have also just been scammed by this guy who is now using the name Emil Waltz.
Same story as above;
The same story as the above - Mechanical Engineer, lives in Sydney, 129 Harrington St, The Rocks. Daughter Olivia, 19, lives in Newcastle with her mum.
He told me her name is Brenda and his ex wife had an affair with his best friend.
He was mugged last week and they stole 19,000 AUD and also his passport and credit cards. He sent me photos of the police report and of him in hospital bandaged up.
I money grammed him $5,000 as i genuinely believed him and felt sorry for him.

2017-04-23, 20:52:23
fakester from United States  
Another pic

2017-04-23, 20:52:53
fakester from United States  

2017-04-23, 20:53:23
fakester from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale

2017-04-23, 20:57:23
fakester from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale

2017-04-23, 20:58:59
anonymous from United States  

2017-04-23, 21:00:55
fakester from United States  

2017-08-08, 00:34:24
anonymous from Australia  
I have also recently scammed by 'Emil Waltz' who is currently going by the name of Emil Dressler or Emil Drescher Dressler. He swiped right on Tinder. Seemed lovely, very genuine. Was working in Malaysia on the building of the new railway. Was finishing up his contract, returning to Australia for 6 weeks and then heading to Vietnam on their new railway. A couple of days before he supposed to return to Australia, he says he went to get money to pay the workers he had under the contract and got mugged and arm cut. $40,000 and passport stolen. Next day he asks for money to pay his accommodation till he can get his passport replaced. Luckily I don't have any money, and I wouldn't have given him anyway. He also uses a photo of his daughter 'Olivia' as well now. Also attached is the fake police report from Malaysia.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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