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Dating scammer Teena Crane


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Name: Teena Crane



Other Comments:
I met Teena on singlesnet back in January. He hit me up for money to buy her son an xbox for his birthday. I never sent it.


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2008-02-16, 10:03:55
anonymous from United States  
at table low cut shirt
2008-07-16, 22:08:21
anonymous from United States  
I wrote this elsewhere but in reality her name is Julie and lives in South beach and works as a model. Eleven different women used her pic to try to get me and i told Julie that I know there must be some central control because 11 different women gave me over 100 pics and there were no doubles which tells you everything.
2009-01-29, 14:25:39   (updated: 2009-01-29, 14:30:22)
[hidden] from United States  
Osai Williams, Teena Crane is good..scammer. She has dozens of name that i verified with pictures. She lives in Tema, Ghana these days. Here is a list of sceen names she goes by...
Honestbaby4u,Ramatu K,RubaE, Anita N, Linda, Galley, Rubamar, Felicia A, Ms K, Special L, Humble L, Regina L, Cutie L,Francisca A, Julie N, Fati S, Fati A, Love S, Portia W, Mariam M, JessicaD, Kathy M, Sarah4U, Jessica D, Lucy Zinyar, Ernestina A, Joyce O, Asmau M, Lucy M, Cecila A, Lelian N, Adiza M, and Nazir A,
just to name a few off only one dating website named 'Tagged'....

I was almost suckered in when i was directed to this site and did further investigation. She found me on a dating website and we coversed for several days. She said she wanted to find a decent husband to marry and help take care of her ten year old son. tThe conversations went great, these people are good,so watch out. They wouldn't give any phone numbers and no web cam was available. The red flag occured when money was asked to by a cell phone. Never send money overseas to someone you don't truly know.

Note: i finally talked to a woman who claimed to be her, and she said that she was a model and that her picture was being used illegally. You have to be cautious. She works with a group of thugs.

2009-03-06, 18:54:22   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Teena Crane



Other Comments:
Goes by the name Humble L, Regina L, Teena Crane, Ivy Otoo, Shaku Williams and Charity Hayiabor
2009-03-06, 18:54:22   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Teena Crane

2009-09-18, 09:41:12
anonymous from Melbourne, Australia  
masawudu umar ( is spitting image of Teena Crane / Osai Williams

2009-09-18, 15:09:22
anonymous from United States  
this scammer also goes by atiim amoak. I have been in contact wit the u.s embassey there in ghana and they are investigating the western union transactions there. hope the B***h gets busted. I'm about ready to offer to send money and then get this bust done.
2009-09-19, 04:20:12   (updated: 2009-09-19, 04:46:08)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello everyone posting on this thread

The pictures posted here are of Julie they are all stolen.
You forgot another name for this scammer Cosmos Dorcas Faibi
Google that and learn something.
Julie lives in Florida with, Her little boy have, You seen her BMW
nice car with USA plates.
Julie is a Porn Star and has nothing at all to do with any scams.
She makes enough money from Porn to buy Ghana.
She has no reason to scam at all.
Anyone who Say's she is involved is either Lying or they are stupid.
It is fact she is a American there are pictures of her in New York
and with Hulk Hogan. None of the photo's were taken anywhere
except Florida and a few other places.
Go to her web site there, You can see for free a video of her
talking about scammers stealing her videos and pictures and using them.
My scammer used her pictures also and a video.
The video had been altered.
When confronted with the truth, My scammer sent, Me pictures of a
different woman those turned out to be stolen also.
But getting that confession was only after being told, My scammer
was Julie.
Rule # 1 A scammer makes their living telling lies.
When confronted by facts and the truth what makes, You think they
are going to stop lying ?
Scammers can fake everything from a Webcam appearance to voice.
In this case however most likely a Black man and a Black Woman are a team.

Everyone of, You needs to learn about scams and scammers.
Simply put if, You are ever contacted by a Man or Woman, Black or White
from or just in any part of West Africa its a scammer. NO EXCEPTIONS
Nearly 100% of these scams are done by men.
Stop the blaming of a innocent Woman who pictures have been stolen
and used by scammers from Africa to Russia.
The Internet Cafes are filled with scammers every day.
There is even a scammer trying to say Julie and Raven Riley are both
involved with the scams.
Check the facts neither of them are.
It is childs play to prove they are innocent.
I want one person to show proof that Julie is involved with a scam.
No such person has come forward.
So unless, You can prove it not to just me but everyone else
sit down and shut up any more talk about Julie or Raven Riley being scammers.
I will gladly accept any proof.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

PS : To the idiot who says, He would pay to get, Her busted. LOL
I would Love to see the corrupt Police in Ghana run off with, Your money. LOL
By the way, I have been contacted by Ghana Police claiming to want to
help, Me get, My money back. Only one problem they are scammers. LOL
What makes, You think Police or anyone else would do anything ?
Also when anyone stupid enough to try to fallow the fake IP back to Ghana
and if they get Lucky and find the Internet Cafe with 30 guy's in it.
Who do they foolishly try to arrest while they are busy having their throats cut ?
It would serve, You well to at least at a minimum to know even the smallest
information about Ghana because, You know absolutely nothing right now.
By the way threatening anyone on this site even criminals is grounds for removal.
Let, Me see thousands have been scammed long before, You ?
Many have tried to stop these scammers.
The only way it will ever happen is if Ghana does something.
Well guess what they are not doing a damn thing.
The Police get attacked by the family's of these scammers when the rarley
take any action.
By the way the US embassy has no Authority in Ghana.
Money Gram is about to crack down on people not showing ID.
They will require a address soon.
Trouble is who is going to Ghana to make sure the corrupt owners of
those outlets fallow the rules. They sure do not fallow the rules now ?

2009-10-04, 17:22:02
anonymous from United States  
Gotta wonder guys... hundreds of pics out there with almost as many names, etc. all scammers using pics found on the website. It's reported the porn star has locations in Miami and Jamaica. Are we to believe the little porn star darling is innocent of all this infesturous 'bullshit'? Believe it and I'll sell you the Brooklyn bridge!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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