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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 

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2013-01-29, 18:21:05
Valeriya is indeed a real scammer in the true sense of the word. One is fortunate enough to have met here and from that meeting ought to have noticed whether she is really one's true love or not. Of course, it's hard to pin the blame on anyone when one's emotion has overtaken his right sense of mind. A lot fall for that till they realize it's too late to turn back the hands of time. Being in that predicament makes us think hard and we all learn our lesson well. I am grateful for that.
There's one gal Susan Edward who it seems is in the same caliber as Valeriya. She has been known to have conned quite a few people by her experienced and good maneuvers to fleece them money. However no one has actually met her in person but her m.o. is pretty good and much admired by us. She used the pictures of Alison Angel the ex-porno star and also is known by others as Alison Ashley and her numerous aliases, phone numbers and emails. Presumably, she's operating in connivance with the Ghanian group which they say she leads. I ought to say between these two distinguished ladies we should call them.... TWIN EVILS OF THE SCAMMING WORLD.
THE email address she was last using is.
Any further information about her can be reported here.

2013-01-30, 09:39:36
Valeria Novitskaya is real scum. I can speak some Russian & when we were in Odessa she was all smiles & charm. But was saying to her friend interpreter lets go & have some fun with his money. Tell him i have to work. then she suddenly gets a call its work she has to go at once. Important documents need to be typed.. What at 9pm on a Friday night..
She is very convincing & believable & appears to be great fun & sincere.
BUT she has no interest in any western or any man for that matter. I personally think she hates men & uses them for her greedy self centred means.
She is a greedy bitch & a very wealthy one at that.
She has countless scams to get you to send money. need internet connection so we can chat, Husband killed in a car accident, needs money to pay judge, money for English lessons, needs money for flights to come & see you. etc etc. The list is endless. & gives you bullshit about Dasha thinks your her dad & she can't wait for us to be together. You can not meet her or her parents as they are away visiting family, with Dasha. BULLSHIT.
I also got scammed for the most expensive hire car in Ukraine & expensive apartments in Odessa. But i guessed she was a liar so just let the visit run its course.
When i returned home i hired a P.I. to look into the bitch.

Here is a little of what he says.

She is a professional gold digger dating scammer who sees MANY MANY different men from all over the world.
She works for dating agencies (Like Anastasia, Jump4 love, Veronikalove & many many more) as a PAID letter writer & chat hostess. She works up to 12 hours a day using various sites. For cash no tax paid. So i'm sure Mr taxman will be interested to here that. I contacted Anastasia & they have no interest in removing her even when proof is sent to them.
She is divorced (some profiles say she never married LIE)
She married David Arutyunam on Sept 27th 2008
Divorced ... May 24th 2010
He returned to Armenia when her daughter was only a few weeks old. He has nothing to do with her or Dasha anymore (That tells you alot)
She goes abroad often to Egypt Turkey the Maldives & other countries for holidays about every 8 to 10 weeks with different men. Mainly the Egyptian Waleed Ali (somebody should tell him via skype what a whore he has got himself involved with). Maybe he will come to his senses like the rest of us. He is totally clueless to her activities.

For tax purposes her tax (Drfo number) is 3134920183

12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City


Home +380512213021
Mobile +380633513531

D.O.B.. 30th October 1985.

Also co-owns with her father.

Mira Street
House 42
Flat 11
Nikolaev City

Her parents live there i believe & it is only a short walk away from her apartment Like a block away.

She uses Dasha her daughter to reel you in & if i'm honest she is not fit to be a mother. She loves nobody except herself. she can even turn the tears on at a moments notice to make you think she is genuine & does not want you to leave Ukraine & return home. Maybe she got that from her father who is a well known Actor & director of some national theatre.
She is exceptionally wealthy & i do believe she owns her own modern car.
Hopefully she will get her come uppance very soon. I feel really sorry for her daughter who will find out about her lieing theiving mother when she is older.
I personally think she is playing a very dangerous game. She thinks nothing will happen to her with her friend there & them being in Ukraine.. Think again ladies, things have a habit of biting you on the ass.. Hard.
ANYBODY WITH ANY SENSE WILL AVOID THIS POISON BARBIE. She is bad news that will loose her stunning looks eventually..
2013-01-30, 11:16:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Valeria or Valeriya Novitskaya has been scamming men for over 3 years. In any other country her poor daughter would be taken into care. I did not realise how many men she has fleeced over the years its no surprise she is very wealthy..She is a very very devious little heartless bitch & as for me personally i hope she gets everything that is due to her with interest & more. She fooled me & scammed me for a lot of money & gifts. Until i suddenly woke up & smelt the coffee. I hope she has an accident & looses her looks, it would serve her right. From my understandings she is not very well liked in Nikolaev & most of her friends are a lot younger & impressionanable girls out to make some money by helping her with her scams. But she does not give a f...k about what any body else says or thinks about her. She is to self centred.There is NO excuse for what she does none what so ever..
2013-01-31, 08:27:48
anonymous from United States  
Wow after read the stuff on Valeria Noviskya. She got me good English lessons, jewelry, trips. She had me so fooled... went on shopping trips ... casually stopped by store ...bought expensive sweaters, jeans etc ... then some clothes for the little girl. Wanted to see the daughter ... no they were visiting valeria's grand parents. She said we had to go to Odessa to deliver papers ... the boss was so proud of her. Wow she had no job it looks like.

I thought I was the only one ... she is very very good, so believable, so sweet. I guess it comes from years of practice. I wonder how she can sleep at night. She will be out of work if anybody reads this stuff ... there was nothing on her a year and a half ago.

I agree with the other posts ... I hope something bad happens to her. I am going to contact the Ukrainian tax authorities.

I feel like a fool ... she got me good. Probably wasted 6 grand on the bitch.
2013-01-31, 09:26:05

I was scammed by Valeria Novitskaya more than most i guess. I had a 5 year old daughter. Who was diagnosed with cancer. 16 monthes earlier Jade had lost her mother (my wife) in a car accident. & i decided to look for a new wife & to try & get Jades life back to as normal a family life as possible. After contacting Valeria throgh HRB. we chatted & exchanged letters i told her all about Jade & her treatment. which was going well. & she was saying about how Dasha & Jade would be great friends when we married & lived together. She even sent messages & notes with pictures of Dasha as well as text messages for Jade to read telling her Dasha could not wait to meet her. Jade was excited at the prospect of a new mother & best friend living with us.
So i arranged a quick weekend in Odessa to meet Valeria & Dasha. while Jade was at her grandparents. You can guess. Dasha had could not make it as she had gone to her grandmothers with Dashas parents.. sorry. But after spending a fortune buying this bitch what she wanted She also gave me a couple of small gifts for me & Jade with a loving card swearing unding love etc..
Like a prat i believed her i then paid for English lessons, visa applications flight tickets etc etc.. It was all a con by this bitch.
Jade was devastated. How the bitch can do this to children is beyond me. Eventually Jade lost her fight for life in June 2012. she never did get her wish to have a new mother. Which i feel really bad about & guilty.

If people look at how many have commented on Valeria Novitskaya they will see she has scammed many & i bet less than 5% of those scammed say anything. I like the guy above got scammed over 18 months for about 10 grand. Is it any wonder she is wealthy. she probably makes well in excess of 50 grand a year.. The only thing that puzzles me if she is also seeing a Waleed Ali (Egyptian) is that when we were tallking about marriage. I told her i was of a different religion to her & did it matter. No she replied, then when i said a friend of mine had converted to Islam she said it was a good thing i had not as she would feed me pork & then started to laugh. She said Islam was a crazy religion. Which made me think. Having looked into things further i see she met Waleed through Natasha club id 100404895. If any readers here from Sharm el Shiekh or have him as a skype friend maybe they shoild inform him.
When i confronted her about all this a year ago she told me i was crazy & that i was the only man in her life. More LIES. After a little arguing via dating site web cam (She is not so sweet looking when confronted) she told me to go to hell. Her final words were F..k off..i want a real man who will treat me like a princess. That says it all about her.

To the gent who wrote 08:27:48 you are not alone in feeling like a fool. She has conned many many men. Like you i hope the tax authorities in Ukraine prosecute the lieing bitch. People need to put her on every scam site possible. Hopefully it will save others wasting a fortune on this lieing Pariah.

Her family must be ashamed to have such a disgusting creature related to them i feel really sorry for Dasha.. She is used to reel men in & waste thousands on this bitch. I really hope she rots in hell. I would not piss on her if she was on fire unless i could piss petrol.

Moral of the story AVOID THIS BITCH AT ALL COSTS.. Yes i'm angry.
2013-01-31, 12:40:00
OJAS from United States  
Valeriya Novitskaya
(Russian) Валерия Новицкая
(Ukrainian) Валерія Новицька
Google her name also in Russian and Ukrainian (Too difficult to post research links with Non-Latin characters, copy / paste her name)

2013-02-01, 02:14:32
anonymous from Walsall, United Kingdom  
The agency Valeria Novitskaya works for is

Anybody wanting proof of how scam agencies work should check it out.
The girls that work for them pay NO TAX its cash in hand, which if anybody is reporting Miss Novitskaya for tax evasion. I'm sure Mr taxman would like to know about her so called tourist job as well as the 10's of thousands she has scammed from innocent men..

But you should all think yourselfs lucky. You escaped the lieing bitches clutches. Just imagine if you had married her. Would you ever be able to trust her..? As soon as your back was turned she would be arranging to meet somebody else to get what she wants. Women like her will NEVER change. If she was a dog you would put it down. Hopefully she will get her Karma or a stay at Ukraines finest hotel thanks to the taxman..

2013-02-01, 13:34:57
anonymous from United States  
Valeria Novitskaya

take a looks at this fellows. Is this her real boy friend or just an unlucky guy getting scammed. From the dates the bitch was seeing this guy the same time she was seeing me.

Moataz Moatazm.hamdi


there is all sorts of love notes to him from poison Barbie - Valeria Novitskaya.

she sent him songs Good Bye my Love,
She will be loved

This woman is pure evil.

2013-02-01, 13:45:59
anonymous from United States  
Valeria Novitskaya and Moataz

how sweet

2013-02-01, 13:47:42
anonymous from United States  
Valeria Novitskaya and Moataz again I think they are in love !!!

He must be rich !!!

I wonder if he knows what a wonderful woman he has.

how sweet

2013-02-01, 13:51:40
anonymous from United States  
Valeria Novitskaya and Moataz again I think they are in love !!!

Love is amazing ... what a nice couple.

He must be rich !!!

I wonder if he knows what a wonderful woman he has.

how sweet

2013-02-02, 01:16:57
anonymous from Swadlincote, United Kingdom  
Another Valeria Novitskaya victim..??
Does anybody know him..?
Found these pics on a facebook profile that no longer excists..
Was going to confront the bitch about him.
She must have 30 men on the go at the same time..

2013-02-02, 01:20:19
anonymous from Swadlincote, United Kingdom  
Another pic of Valeria Novitskaya & ..????

2013-02-02, 01:50:27   (updated: 2013-02-02, 01:53:14)
anonymous from United States  
Ah this is great i would put my picture up by I am embarassed that used me so.
She is real real good ... unbelieveable . I found the pictures of her with Moataz with the google image search.
Looks like she has fooled many many men. Some the same time as me ... that tourist agency job. Looking back I wonder why I believed that.
I had a Russian friend that hated Ukrainian women he said they are skilled liars because that is a way of life for them ... and will break your heart and empty your wallet. Valeria sure did that to me. I am glad we can warn some folks there was nothing on her a year ago.
I really like the idea of pissing gasoline on her when she is on fire. She really is very beautiful ... she had skinny stick legs but the rest of her was awesome.
2013-02-02, 02:16:02
A little more information on Valeria Novitskaya.
This bitch must have scammed well over a 100 men if not more.
& that equals BIG money. Like others i paid for English lessons, because she wanted to speak perfect English before we got married. 0 courses of English lessons at $300 a time =$2,700 x that by how ever men she got to do this = a hell of a lot of cash.
She also talked a lot about Dasha wanting a baby brother & we would have to do this as soon as possible.. & that Dasha already thinks of me as her father & looks at my picture all the time (load of crap)
I guess with weekends away, accomodation, meals out, gifts, clothes jewellery etc i'm over $15,000 lighter.
When i eventaullly came to my senses & started to look into the bitch.
I sent her a text message with a false W.U number saying i'd sent her $3,000 for a visa & flights to me. she was not best pleased, so i let her sweat it out for a while then next day sent her a text saying i had got 2 numbers the wrong way round. Did not take her long to send me another abusive text (How sweet barbie is) so i just replied i was being as honest as she was... Any way some info i found out..
Her little assistants in the scams are.

Ekaterina Lopatneva.. (Katie) D.O.B...17-4-1989..

Julia Goncharenko..(Julia). D.O.B.. 12-8-1991..

pity i could not find out there phone numbers & addresses.

Valeria's father is Anatoliy Novitskiy. D.O.B... 8-9-1940 (Director Accademic Drama Russian theatre in Nikolaev)

Mother... Nadezhda Novitskaya.. D.O.B... 5-2-1950..
So i guess that puts the parents visiting the grandparents with Dasha story in the bin. Unless her grandparents are in there 90's which is very doubtful in Ukraine

Step brothers.. Vladislav Noviskiy.. D.O.B... 22-5-1971
Evgeniy Novitskiy.. D.O.B... 27-2-1975......... Both live in Kiev with there families & by all accounts are decent hard working people.

1 of her many regular bed partners Waleed Aly... D.O.B... 12-12-1985. Egyptian singer & actor from Sharm el Shiekh.. Now i know why she wanted me to take her there as well as Boro Boro & the Maldives..

Valeria has a degree in Economics told you she was a clever devious bitch. Attended Agrarian University Nikolaev from 2003 -2007.

She is officially UNEMPLOYED but works as a PAID letter writer & chat hostess. On various scam sites for up to 12 hours per day. These parasites get approx 30% of the cost of each letter & your chat time. & pay NO TAX on it. They also get the same for any gifts you send via dating sites...

Her DRFO number 3134920183..

Basically as Kenny Rodgers say if i could get my gun i'd put her in the ground. She is one heartless evil greedy bitch.

I know some are thinking of travelling to Nikolaev for a surprise visit & to confront her. I think you would need a minimum of 6 preferably a lot more. & also get the local newspaper or television to be with you & report her story. I'm sure they would love it nearly as much as her neighbors would..
Have a good day folks & post your info about this heartless greedy bitch everywhere & hopefully run her out of business.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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