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Dating scammer Susan Edwards


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A scammer uses the name Susan Edwards and photos of porn star 'Alison Angel', to lure men into sending money.


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2012-11-27, 16:38:30
I've noticed if one is chatting or even talking by phone to women scammers they tend to speak bad English and the way they write is simply something that leaves one to comment as to how they're uneducated and lack proper decorum and good manners.
This SUSAN EDWARDS will obviously fall into this category as she lacks all the items needed to prove herself worthy of love and affection. Especially if she is a 'he' then I can understand where those black niggers are coming from GHANA;NIGERIA;WEST AFRICA.
One is made to think about how bad people can be just to make a quick buck at the expense of unsuspecting victims that found out the truth at the end.
It is in this regard we ought to launch a big campaign to get rid of these scoundrels...
Black will always be black and they will always be scorned from the face of the earth.
Those who have suffered can only pray that resurrection day will come so the unworthy and bad will be judged accordingly. By then everyone can pray they will pain for their sins.
2012-11-29, 15:23:45
A good and dear friend of mine got scammed by Susan Edwards for big bucks in the span of 2 months they were
in contact with each other via yahoo email and yahoo messenger. My buddy fell for her notorious and cunning ways such as sending him provocative and nude pictures; pre written love letters expressing her deepest affection and love
for him; her unceasing ways to prevent him from leaving her once he suspected she (he) is a scammer.
I have been telling him to end his 'dream' relationship and just quit and cut his losses.
In the end... He finally woke up and saw the truth. He showed the pictures she emailed to him and those were all stolen from the now retired porn star Alison Angel. He gave me her Colorado phone number (720) 551-6372 and it
does ring and a recorded message announces the number spoken by a woman with a heavy English accent.
He told me it's hard to talk to her on the phone cause she speaks as if she's eating her words and is garbled and a bit afar. I said that's what scammer does to hide their voice and true identity.
This scammer has the latest caper of saying she went to Accra, Ghana to procure alluvial gold bars that can be sold for triple or quadruple the price in existing world market. She engineered her cunning ways of bilking my pal in the amount of $ 3 K to invest with the loving promise of bequeathing her love to him by making him a love partner in this venture together with her mom. They made it appear they're well off by having big bank accounts in London.
Another $ 1K was taken from him that went to buy her so called lost apple I phone and IPad. It's good he never bought her an Apple Mac book that would have cost another $ 2K. Those products were shipped to Accra, Ghana and received not by her but one of her cohorts.
In sum a guy falls in love without realizing it's a scam from the day their 'relationship' started.
I believe this bitch was also in the process of scamming other people as she made him the beneficiary of a so called shipment to be done by a Ghana shipping firm. That was when this 'happy' thought in mind made my buddy see daylight. When he balked at her asking for personal information about him... she cussed him and said it sure made her day ' a fucking one'.
This is a true story. She is also known by so many names and various email addresses in different blacklisted scammers websites.
2012-12-03, 16:02:03
New information about Susan Edwards accomplices:

Adams. Amen
52 East 179th Street
Bronx, NY. 10453
He is one of the person she uses to wire transfer money to her and it would seem
he's somewhat like either a conduit to her illegal activities or must be her pimp

Francis Kwashie Agbevadi
PS Albert Llnas 12.1
Barcelona, Badalona Spain
There was an attempt to wire transfer money to him via Western Union but they disallowed it
due to their suspicion it's a scam. Same with

2012-12-07, 15:21:06
With the help of some colleagues the following information was found about Susan Edwards.
Possible Home Address
3665 Rebecca Lane
Colorado Springs, CO. 80917

Name of an accomplice who received shipment for her in Accra, Ghana



2nd Rangoon Street
P.O. BOX 11644
2012-12-09, 07:04:24
anonymous from United States  
THIS SUSAN EDWARDS has surfaced recently and is now known as JESSY SMITH, 27, from MARYLAND.
Her email address:
There's a gentleman by the name of WAYNE who reported her on one of the anti-scammers website and so be warned about her.
She's also known as ANNA ASHLEY to many and has tons of fake email addresses and stolen pictures of the ex porno star ALISON ANGEL that she has used to deceive others.
I wouldn't doubt it is sher is a 'HE' from those vinegar,ugly smelling,thick lipped black niggers from GHANA,NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA.
WATCH out for her and we are constantyly following her footsteps and will provide information as we get them from reliable sources.
2012-12-16, 05:34:36
Susan Edward (using email address: was found in another website back in SEPTEMBER 2009 using the fake Muslim name of Marian Salamat Hashim and fake email address:
Claimed tgo be the daughter of a wealthy Muslim who inherited millions of dollaras and as usual is soliciting financial assistance to get money out of the Philippines and transfer it to UK. As always, there's her never ending promise of love and affection,sexy and proovocative pictures but most importantly her undying wish to continue her devilish fraud and deceit.
As always be wrned about her and her pictures are nothing but those from ALISON ANGEL THE EX PORNO STAR QUEEN WHO RETIRED IN 2008.
2012-12-20, 07:40:10
In one of the websites that blacklisted scammers Susan Edwards came up under two (2) names:

She is also known as Katie Underson posing as an escort in WOODLAND HILLS, CA. and used the email
Her pimp's name is MICHAEL ACUPAR and said he's from the Philippines as they told the guy who got duped
to transmit $800.00 to him via Western Union.

She was also found using her name as Susan Harrison and email address as:

My sources will provide new photos of her as she claims to be using the pictures of Alison Angel cause she
resembles her.
2012-12-25, 17:31:01
Susan Edwards using her email address is acting now as if she's a high class and expensive
escort catering to the rich. She has advertised herself thru her pimp African niggers for either short term or overnight appointment at an exorbitant rate of $ 400.00 / hour with overnight rate of $ 3 K.
She claims a week long engagement would run to $ 10 K with expenses to be shouldered by client.
Where the scam comes in she requires a down payment of $ 200.00 for an hour appointment with her; $ 1.5 K for an overnight engagement; $ 5 K prepayment for a week long companionship with her. She requires the funds to be sent via Western Union or Money Gram to an Accra, Ghana location. This just proves to show how stupid she is working in cahoots with her uneducated and illiterate African niggers cohorts.
The pictures she's producing are mostly the nude ones of Alison Angel. One of those who was about to be taken for a ride noticed a discrepancy as the pictures being emailed to him showed her younger looking than the first ones.
Perhaps she's getting desperate or running out of options to ply her trade. NOTE: She's been blacklisted in a lot of anti-scammers website.
2012-12-28, 07:27:49
These are two emails found when SUSAN EDWARDS was claiming herself to be MARIAN SALAMAT HASHIM a British/Filipino daughter of a supposedly rich MUSLIM landlord.

Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 16:20:02 -0700
Subject: From Miss. Marian Salamat Hashim,(Yours Truly Friend From Tagged) I Appreciate Your Candid Respond To My Mail.

From Miss. Marian Salamat Hashim. I Hail From Derby Britain/Philippine. Hello My Dearest Friend, Oh it is nice and joyful to found you as a friend in need in my life and i want to let you know that you have make my world so joyous for a living when i glance through your mail. I find it most beautiful having you in my life to make you a friend in this regard. It shows how much you value this friendship. I do not know who you are very well for now but your well self introduction has given me thejoy of loving you better of how you are at this moment, but I just want you to know that I hold unto life and look forward to the day you will meet me. You are a special friend to me and i valued your well being. My names are Marian Salamat Hashim, Well i am a Britain/Philippine female citizen. My friends tell me that i am a quiet person with a good sense of humor. I'm 27 years old of age, i'm a single girl. I have no child yet but love to have in the near future. Iā€™m the only daughter of my parents. My parent got two kids, Male and female. I am always fair, straightforward, honest and easy going and i seek trust worthy friendship. I believe in giving and taking on both sides and i value faithfulness. I like people for what they are and not for really for what they are not. I want to be your friend in life, and let share whatever we have in friendship. I love Songs, to be precise singing is my best gift, and i have a keyboard and love playing it. My hobbies are watching musical video at my best and i like being happy always, it is my life style. Oh my dear, there is need for we to completely understand who i am and what i can give. It may not compare to other persons or past friendship but that doesn't matter, We can make up the best of relationship from us. I live in a moderate quiet area in Philippine angeles. It is a lovely residential area, and I belief in destiny to bring us together and meet ourself in your home town residence. Keep our new found friendship intact for better in life! my dear, i will tell you more biograph details about my life and my entire family in our next communication. Have a blissful day with joy and take good care of yourself and stay out of troubles,as i await your urgent response soon. Find my profile; I will be detailed in my consequential mails and expecting same from you: I am not too beautiful friend but i place value on my well being in life,here are my pics for your refreshment perusal. AGE: 27 Height: 174 cm 5' 8ā€™ā€™ Weight: 58 kg 152 lbs Waist: 32' Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde City: Angeles. Country: Britain/Philippine Education: Ba.Management. Religion: Muslim. Marital Status: Single Kids: No kids Languages spoken: Fluent English and little spanish. Yours Truly Friend, Miss. Marian Salamat Hashim.

Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 03:20:32 -0700
Subject: From Miss. Marian Salamat Hashim,(Yours Truly Baby) I Need Your Helping Hand In My Life.
BIOGRAPH DETAILS OF MY LIFE AND MY ENTIRE FAMILY. From Miss. Marian Salamat Hashim. I Hail From Britain/Philippines. Hello My Dearest,compliments of the day to you, how are you? thank you for your candid response to my mail and i want to let you know that words alone cannot convey my sense of appreciation to you in life. I valued your friendship in life. I am Marian Salamat Hashim a daughter to late Mr. Salamat Hashim from Philippines who was the founder of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) who died in July 2003. For official report of his death you can visit the website below. My main purpose of contacting you is to help me achieve my only wish in life, as i am mailing from my hospital room/bed with tears on my face. I have thought about it and because of the trend of scam in the world today i have to be careful and mindful of who i shall entrust this proposed transaction into his hands so that the objective of the business transaction will be achieved, but understand that i cannot chat with you or call you because MSN AND YAHOO MESSANGER is not installed in the laptop that i am using here in the hospital and we are not allowed to use telephone in 'post operation ward' and 'intensive care unit ward'. Well despite my situation what bother's me most is my late father's fund (U.S.$7.5 MILLION DOLLARS) that will be a waste if nothing is done urgently as that is the major reason why i contacted you. This fund was deposited in a security company which known as ZENITH SECURITY AND FINANCE COMPANY, Abidjan in Cote d'ivoire by my late father before his untimely death which he consealed the fund in a metallic trunk box as family valuables and deposited it with the security company instead of a bank because of security reasons base on the fact that he was the founder of the strongest rebel opposition group in PHILIPPINES then. Since i am the real next of kin and the only daughter to the depositor what i am suppose to do after you have sent me your international passport and other proofs of your identity to avoid betrayal before the consignment liftment to you is for me to send all the documents of the deposit and the security company's full contact details to you so that you can apply for the release of the consignment which the security company will not hesitate to process the release once i conscent to it though i will first confirm your identity and your capability of been able to help me because this is all i have at the moment and in this life which i must be very careful of whom i shall entrust it to and must also be used for charity work which will be named after my late father on the completion. So i want your re-affirmation that you are capable to help me transfer the consignment as what you will have to do after i have sent all the necessary documents to you is just for you to contact the security company as my late father's business partner and find out what it will take the security company to process and transfer the consignment to you through their diplomatic courier service. Then after clearing with the security company you will direct them on how to lift the consignment to you. Please i want to let you know that i am banking on you, i have no other person to relate my problems to, every member of my late father family have turned against me because of my father left over before he died, and i would'nt like to dispose any of my plans to them until i finally seal this consignment liftment with your assistance and actualize my dreams of a charity establishment in the name of my late father.. I took this decision because i did not have anybody for my late father and because of how my late father relatives have treated me with so much dis-regard and hatred even with my health condition and they have also ceased all my late father properties which this fund in the security company is all that they could not get hold of because it was not deposited in Philippines. I am willing to do anything to assist in the liftment of this consignment to you only if you assure me of ensuring that a charity home and home for HIV/AIDS will be built with part of the fund in my late father status and name. I am prepared to offer you 20% of the total funds for your able assistance and support and the rest you will help me to invest it in a lucrative business of your choice. Please i want an answer to all questions as listed below so that i can be more assured that you are really genuine and ready to help me before sending you the documents of the deposit and the security company's contact details that you shall use to apply for the consignment release and liftment to you:- 1.if you are ready to keep the transaction as top secret because i do not want my late father relatives to know about this consignment in Africa after they took possession of all my late father accounts and properties in philippines. 2. your capability and credibility in handling this transaction in every ramification.3.your credibility and reliability as to avoid betrayal from you or seating on the entire fund when the trunk box is finally received by you. 4. that all my instructions as the initiator of the transaction would be taking for the betterment and hitch-free of the consignment liftment to you in your country. I will highlight you more on what to do as soon as you send your details and the proof of your identity so that i will have all the confident to entrust the transaction into your care without any fear and for us to proceed with the claim proceedings without further delay. On the receipt of your response i will send more of my personal photographs,my medical report and my international passport for your view so that you will have the confident to go at any length to help me. I am soliciting for your speedy response to my email with your full details and proof of your identity so that we can proceed with the consignment release and liftment proceedings without further delay. Finally I implore you to treat this transaction with secrecy and confidentiality for my benefit sake in life. I await your urgent response in this regard.

2012-12-30, 08:11:18
Here is supposedly a picture of SUSAN EDWARDS taken upon her arrival in LONDON possibly in OCTOBER 2012.

2012-12-30, 08:13:02
Here is a picture of SUSAN EDWARDS taken supposedly upon her arrival at a LONDON airport in OCTOBER 2012.

2012-12-30, 08:14:34
Here is a picture of SUSAN EDWARDS taken upon her alleged arrival at a LONDON airport in OCTOBER 2012.

2013-01-22, 16:06:14
The different photos being furnished by this Susan Edward were presumably all stolen from that ex porno star Alison Angel. However the pictures of Susan taken in October 2012 upon her alleged airport arrival shows Alison Angel having matured a bit and so it is an assumption the airport pictures must be Susan Edward herself and not Alison Angel. There is however a strong resemblance between the two. The person who analyzed this said the airport pictures would appear Susan has aged by at least 10 years as compared to the young,cute pics. of herself that are obviously all Alison Angel.
It's difficult to make rash conclusion on this as we're just seeing the pictures for comparison and don't have access to any live videos or movies except those of Alison Angel as shown on her website.
One is to take this view as a very good hypothesis that should be considered valid proof of an existence of this lady who calls herself Susan Edward. A lot of those who know her will always think she is for real till you refer them to Alison Angel's website. Then they'll be shocked to know she's non existent. What makes this assumption complicated is the connivance of those black,ugly,vinegar smelling African/Ghanian scammers who I ought to say is a 'HE' and not a 'SHE' It is always suspected they're in cahoots with Susan and her countless aliases or she might be the ring leader of this group.

2013-03-25, 20:34:42
DOC from United States  

2013-03-26, 10:33:12
OJAS from United States  
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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