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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer natalya

Name: natalya



Other Comments:
I have had contact with person that states she is from the city of Satka Russia. I was a member of one of the big dating sites here in the US. Out of the blue I am contacted by this person and cannot even remember if there was a profile there or not. Many red flags have appeared to me and confirmed by the details on this site. Some things seem unique and there has not been a request for money...Some of the red flags are: The email address changed by one letter after the second email arrived, only by one letter but why would that happen, really bad English as if a translator or form letter is being generated, the admission of 'love' after a very short time. Model like pictures but very modest, even the statement of 'I hope you don't ask for nude photo's, the emails come at the same to almost every and every day stating she is at the library using the internet, Are they open at 8pm in the evening (7am my time). I would respond seconds after the email was received and no answer back. Specific questions go unanswered and no comments made when I sent a few short emails in Russian using Google translate. Wouldn't any woman responding to that type of email? I have even offered to send a mobile/cell phone with a Russian sim card and prepaid cards for the local cell company servicing that area and not even a reply on that was mentioned in the next email received back...specific questions go unanswered...yet the progression of emails and responses seem genuine. She states she works and has her own place. I get information that is very specific and detailed based on my responses.My name is used throughout the emails, starting many of the sentences this way...I l know a form letter with seek and replace......but who knows..Any information would be appreciated.

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