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Dating scammer Rose Kimberly in Africa

Name: Rose Kimberly

Another one of them started chatting with me.. on Yahoo messenger. See the chat below. Suddenly she needed to take a bath, fine, I wanted to leave the office anyways :-)

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 rose_kim4real: yu there?
 Peter Tiemann: yes
 Peter Tiemann: why?
 rose_kim4real: yu care for  a chat?
 Peter Tiemann: who are you?
 rose_kim4real: i am rose 32 female from usa
 rose_kim4real: yu?
 rose_kim4real: yu still there?>
 Peter Tiemann: i'm 41
 Peter Tiemann: in California
 Peter Tiemann: how did you find me?
 rose_kim4real: oh ok
 rose_kim4real: well i saw yu id in onlinew members 
 rose_kim4real: yu are peter huh?
 Peter Tiemann: yes
 rose_kim4real: ok yu married?
 Peter Tiemann: no
 rose_kim4real: k
 rose_kim4real: so tell me wht ya do for fun?
 Peter Tiemann: you have no photo?
 rose_kim4real: am single and looking too
 Peter Tiemann: i play sports
 rose_kim4real: i do
 rose_kim4real: oh ok
 You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.
 rose_kim4real: wht ya do for a living?
 Peter Tiemann: i'm a software engineer
 Peter Tiemann: and you?
 rose_kim4real: am a a sales manager
 Peter Tiemann: what business?
 rose_kim4real: yu see me now can i see you?
 Peter Tiemann: yes
 rose_kim4real: i work for my dad
 Peter Tiemann: step dad?
 rose_kim4real: no my real dad
 Peter Tiemann: diamond industry?
 rose_kim4real: yu see me now?
 Peter Tiemann: yes
 rose_kim4real: no
 Peter Tiemann: i see you
 rose_kim4real: why do you ask?
 Peter Tiemann: just trying to guess..
 rose_kim4real: oh ok
 Peter Tiemann: where in the USA are you from?
 rose_kim4real: Ga
 Peter Tiemann: and where are you now?
 rose_kim4real: plz i will like to no more about yu but a pitty i want to go take 
                my bath now so can yu write me all about yu and send to my 
 Peter Tiemann: we can chat another time
 Peter Tiemann: what time zone are you in?
 rose_kim4real: well am now in uk well i will send yu a mail now
 Peter Tiemann: ok
 Peter Tiemann: ttyl then

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