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The most important file types used in Windows, Mac OS and Linux/ Unix, grouped by their extension's first letter.


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What is an *.MDS file?


I downloaded a movie which comes as a *.mdf file(630Mb) and a small *.mds file (1Kb). How can I watch the movie on my computer?


The MDF file is a CD image file, and MDS is the corresponding catalog file. Software such as 'Alcohol 120%' reads this catalog file so that it knows how to burn the MDF file. You can play the movie directly from the burned CD. Download the trial version of Alcohol 120% from their web for free:

If you do not want to burn the image file on a CDROM (maybe you have no burner or no blank CD handy) then you can download a tool like IsoBuster or WinISO, open the image file and extract the contents to desired location on your hard disk.

You may even use the above mentioned 'Alcohol 120%' and have it create a virtual drive for you, then you can simply right-click any cd-image file you have and 'mount' it. That makes it as though it were a burned image- you can play, extract, install, whatever you want.

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